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Specialist contractor, developer and researcher in Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) non-intrusive ground profiling technologies

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A bright new wave in geotechnics

Rapid non-intrusive investigation and design optimisation.
Advanced CSW testing provides high quality stiffness data to optimise a wide range of engineering solutions and allows non-intrusive site assessments using shear wave velocity profiles. ACSW stiffness data will greatly improve the accuracy of simple limit state analyses as well as being of sufficient quality for input to complex analyses such as Finite Element modelling.
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GSS has produced a range of straightforward guidance documents explaining the technical basis for ACSW measurement and its data application.
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ADVANCED Continuous Surface Wave Testing

Specialist Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) non-intrusive ground profiling technologies
Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment

Capture realtime stiffness & Vs profiles in less than 10 minutes
Accurate Data

Accurate Data

Get high quality stiffness & Vs data as used for major projects around the world
Economic Costings

Economic Results

See stiffness & Vs profiles to up to 20m depth for the cost of a plate load test

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